Qualities & Specifications of Pre-polished Flooring

In the following illustrations, you can see the quality of Wooden Pre-polished Flooring of the ROUCHOTAS company.

Attention: The qualities are not related to the strength of the floor, only to the aesthetic result.

The average thermal resistance of solid and semi-solid floors for installation with underfloor heating are: 0.094 m² k/w, 16 mm, and 0,124 m² k/w, for 21 mm flooring thicknesses.


PRIME - Quality of Α
Knots are not allowed except for few tiny and wood-colored. Uniform boards except for small differences.

Small and medium-sized knots allowed, slightly uneven color and sapwood allowed to a moderate extent.

RUSTIC - Quality ΑBC
Knots of all sizes and shapes, uneven color and sapwood to a moderate extent, all allowed.


Q1 600 Q3 600 Q4 600


go2 1000 go4 1000