With respect and experience, we are the most environmentally-friendly!

In each construction wood is the most natural material. Rouchotas company constantly has in mind to utilize wood with respect to the natural balance, so as to never stop enjoying its beauty and benefits.

The company carefully selects its partners, so as to be certified for the management of natural resources, while all necessary security and prevention measures are applied in the production installations contributing to safeguarding the environment.

Given that the raw material it markets and processes for producing quality products, is directly related to the environmental balance, ROUCHOTAS company has put at the heart of its business philosophy the sustainable development. With modern processes and continuous controls, the company applies an integrated environmental accountability plan, followed by all employees, from the simplest recycling actions, to the rational management of waste production.

Whether you're a professional, or a private individual, the know-how of "ROUCHOTAS" is a guarantee that the wood you choose, creates the warmest and most friendly environment, with safe, non-toxic materials, while at the same time protects the harmony and beauty of our natural environment, for a better future!