Factory - Exhibition

In 2008 ROUCHOTAS company, made a strategic investment for the development of its market know-how, buying a total area of 27.000m², in Ipato Theves. The company constructed its headquarters, in a roofed surface of 10.000m² where the production unit, the central warehouse, a product exhibition and part of its administrative services are located.

Here the main wood receiving centre is located, where product quality control and processing takes place, by most modern means. Our permanent and highly specialised for each wood application employees are pivotal in this process. Experienced staff equipped with vast knowledge guarantee the appropriate way of wood processing and the optimal result for the customer! In the high capacity, modern and organized warehouse wood is kept in special conditions, according to the international standards regarding maintenance and safety.

In parallel, ROUCHOTAS company provides the ability to store and transfer wood on behalf of other companies (Third-party logistics), which demonstrates the company's momentum and credibility in the field of its activities.

Thanks to its organizational structure and its advanced procedures, ROUCHOTAS company main production unit is considered unique in its kind, not only in Greece, but also throughout Southeast Europe!


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